Data Engineering Services

Building, designing and implementing software is a huge challenge. You need to think about the architecture, the cloud performance monitoring, pattern design, logging, telemetry, testing automation data management, containers, diverse programming languages, technology stacks and frameworks among others; as well as the development team soft skills.

At Bearsoft we are fully committed to make this process remarkably simple and easy for our customers.Our proven staff augmentation expertise and highly experienced services give you access to a wide spectrum of experienced/skilled software developers and capabilities who can quickly integrate with your team, assisting and supporting all your needs.

Application Telemetry

We truly believe that all systems need a metric-based monitoring feature, and much better if that is Open Source as well as to assure ... network performance and maximize application uptime. We are highly experienced in Prometheus and Consul.

Application Containerization

We participate in the dockerization process of the client’s code, organizing the container orchestration with ... Kubernetes; managing CI/CD processes with the team and maintaining new cloud based environments such as AWS, Azure and GCP with high reliability, consistency and efficiency. Then you should witness the power of ‘Containerization’.We are highly skilled in Kubernetes (K8), Terraform, Docker, Ansible, Grafana, Prometheus, GitLab among others.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Computing meets any of your needs, from designing and developing a wide and robust range of cloud industrial ... software power systems to Data Engineering, to Software Engineering and IoT. Exceptional experience in building cloud infrastructure leveraging AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Goland and Docker. Implementing highly responsive, distributed systems, REST APIs, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Infrastructure Automation as a code (IAC) with tools such as Terraform and AWS CloudFormation. On the other hand Git, Shell Scripting and Command Line (CLI) interactions are second nature to our team.


Our component based-software development and solutions with a wide range of programming languages and frameworks can ... give your business the edge it deserves. On the Back-end: Python and multiple frameworks, PHP Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Golang, Java and spring boot, C# and .NET, Bash/Shell/Perl scripting. On the Front-end JavaScript’s frameworks: React, Angular, Typescript, Kotlin. Mobile developers in iOS and Android.

Design Patterns & Software Architecture

At Bearsoft we have an eagle eye for clean-clear code. We follow the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) mantra. When we write code,... we avoid reinventing the wheel. We are continuously growing and nurturing our knowledge from the list of tried and tested solutions to common recurring issues within the software world. We are huge fans of Gang of Four’s Design Patterns and it’s part of our ethos as a company.


We treat, visualize, analyze, inspect and pay careful attention to logs as an abstraction that lies at the heart of all the systems we build. ... We use Confluent Inc Apache Kafka as a second nature of everything we do. We also have an eye for Transaction, Request, Application, Debug logs.

Microservices & API Management

We are highly skilled in microservice architectures and all major patterns, tooling, challenges languages and frameworks. ... We have built the intuition to know what works and what doesn't to build, maintain and achieve more agile flexible enterprise systems.

Test Automation

Design, automated units implementation and acceptance tests are part of the current trend towards Agile software development. ... Our team is highly experienced in writing unit tests that help and improve the quality and velocity, understanding the Subject Under Test, reducing risk as well as being very easy to maintain and run to suit your business requirements and to success in today’s competitive business climate.