A.I Powered
Recruitment for
Tech Industries

Bearsoft is your A.I.-assisted technology recruitment partner, find and engage your qualified candidates in less time than the industry standard, Quickly fill out open positions, smooth your recruitment processes, and onboard your developer engineers in days instead of weeks.

Purpose Built for Tech Companies

Find. Review. Hire

In today’s volatile market, tech companies need to quickly respond to problems arising from the downfall in the industry. Imagine a dashboard that harnesses the power of A.I. search-and-match, staff augmentation, and recruiting services to solve your most pressing recruitment challenges.

Look and quickly find developers that match your job position

Bearsoft provides companies with matching profiles to reduce their search time and interview process.

Review Qualified Candidates

Review candidates that fit your position and decide which ones you want to move forward in the process with.

Hire talent

After all filters have been passed, hire your developer in no time. Don’t worry about legal documents and contracts, we’ll take care of it.

Our Services

Save time, reduce costs, and fill positions in no time. Bearsoft’s technology brings recruiting, staff augmentation together with A.I. to get instantly qualified candidates in a fraction of a second.

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