Why Bearsoft?

Save time, reduce costs, and fill positions in no time.

Bearsoft's technology brings recruiting, staff augmentation together with A.I. to get instantly qualified candidates in a fraction of a second.

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Our Services

Head Hunting

If you are having a hard time finding developers to fit your job positions, we do the search and send you qualified candidates that match your position for a reasonable % of the developer's first monthly salary.

Staff Augmentation

If you are in the need of developers, all you need to do is send us the profile you are looking for and for a monthly fee, the developer will work for you, reducing all the hiring process as well as financial and legal fees.

Cost Plus Services

We know that legal fees are expensive when hiring developers, especially remote ones. We can handle this for you so you forget about contracts and legal documents regarding the hiring process.

Custom Data Team

If you're looking for an experienced, creative and technology team to bring your idea or project to life, you've come to the right place. We provide you with all the right developers, project managers and everything you need to make your idea a reality.

A.I Search Engine (DevTrouver)

Your ideal Recruitment Software. The software that made the difference for us, is now available to you too. Connect your Database with DevTrouver and optimize your profile searches to fill job positions in no time.

How does it work?


Send us the Job Positions you have available.


Receive a list of top-qualified candidates in 3 business days average.


Interview the candidates and provide us with your feedback.


Hire the best tech talent!

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